Airport Cargo Premium Products

    We offer a full range of air freight products and services, all of which are designed to offer best in class solutions.We take pride in our innovation and offer the latest transportation techniques & technologies, as we look to be the best air cargo logistics provider in the industry.

    International Express Delivery

    We are agents of major courier companies in the world such as FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS.Indochina Post cooperates with international airlines: Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, China Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, Thai Airway, Singapore Airlines,. .

    Air cargo

    Airport Cargo is proud to be an agent for most major airlines in Vietnam. We offer a complete package of air freight services through our international network of experienced professionals and innovative technology. Our suite of air transportation services save customers the challenge of facilitating multiple carriers and sifting through laborious and often confusing customs documents.

    Express Delivery Services

    With Airport Cargo wide range of express delivery and package services, along with shipping and tracking solutions, you know you are shipping with the best.