Cheap and reliable express delivery service from Ho Chi Minh to Gabon

Cheap and reliable express delivery service from Ho Chi Minh to Gabon

Gabon is a country located in Western Africa bordering Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Republic of the Congo, the Gulf of Guinea, and the Atlantic Ocean. Gabon has an extensive system of rainforests and savannas in the east and south. The government system is a republic with multiparty presidential regime; the chief of state is the president, and the head of government is the prime minister. Gabon has a mixed economic system with a heavy reliance on oil, combined with relatively weak centralized economic planning and government regulation. Gabon is a member of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS).

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We are the representation of reliable and enormous shipping brands suppling express delivery service from Ho Chi Minh to Gabon

Thanks to having cooperates with a variety of famous brands in express industry, our company have a number of options to satisfy your needs of time. From emergency same day, through guaranteed tie-critical next day to less urgent day. Here is the list of our partners:

Vietnam Airlines (VN), Japan Air (JAL), Vietjet Air (VJ), Gabonna Airline (OZ), Thai Airway (TG), Area Flot, China Airline (CI), Emirate Airway (EK), DHL, TNT, VNPost, ViettelPost, etc.

You can send a wide range of commodities with cost-saving express delivery service from Ho Chi Minh to Gabon supplied by Airportcargo

  • Documents/Diplomatic items: ID, certificate, visa, etc.
  • Building materials: cement, plumbing, brick, sand, stone, steel, plaster, furniture.
  • Agriculture products: rice, wheat, peanuts, watermelon, dragon fruits, grapes, maize (corn), wheat flour, fresh vegetables, etc.
  • Plants and animals breeding.
  • Industrial production: weaving, packaging, animal feed, machinery.
  • Cargo, overweight, heavy.
  • Special and high value commodities: gifts, chemicals, laboratory equipment, plasma, ceramics, glass.
Express delivery service from Ho Chi Minh to Gabon
Express delivery service from Ho Chi Minh to Gabon

Weight, size and packing requirements for express delivery service from Ho Chi Minh to Gabon

The maximum weight: between 20-70 Kg.

The maximum size: is not exceed 1,50m for any one dimension and 3m for the sum of length.

For light package with the weight smaller than 167 kg/mᶟ (equivalent to 6000 kg/cmᶟ), the weight is converted as follow: Weight (kg) = (Height x Width x Length)/ 5000

Packing requirements:

  1. Each item shall be packed and closed in a manner befitting the weight, the shape, and the nature of the contents as well as the mode and duration of conveyance. Each item shall be packed and closed so as not to present any danger to officials handling it, or damage other mails or postal equipment.
  2. Items which does not need special packing must be ensured that it can be opened for content inspection.

You should notice for prohibition items, conditionally accepted items, items with export licenses as follow

Prohibition items to other countries according to Vietnamese regulations:

  • Narcotics, mental stimulants;
  • Arms, ammunitions, military technical equipment;
  • Depraved and reactionary publications, printed matters or documents against public security;
  • Explosive and inflammable items or substances or unhygienic, environmental pollutants;
  • Articles, goods forbidden to be circulated, traded by government;
  • Live animals, animal fur;
  • Articles, publications, good forbidden to be imported to destination countries;
  • Vietnamese currency, foreign currency and documents valuable as money;
  • Precious mental (such as gold, silver, etc.), gemstones or products made from precious mental or gemstones;
  • Antiques (fragile), human body parts;
  • Lithium battery, addictive substances;
  • Items containing many items sent to many addresses.

Conditionally accepted items to other countries according to Vietnam regulations

  • Alcoholic drinks (alcohol, beer, etc.);
  • Products of animal origin;
  • Antiques (nonfragile), art painting, crafts;
  • Drugs, specimen samples (blood, urine);
  • Flowers, botany and products of botany origin (seed, drug leaves, etc.);
  • Artificial diamond, clothes, cosmetics;
  • Powder, liquid, electronic, perishable goods.

Items applying for export licenses according to Vietnam regulations

No Items License Reference
1 Pharmaceuticals (low quantity, sent to individual receiver) Prescription; Commitment Document Circular No. 39/2013/TT-BYT
2 Seeds Phytosanitary Quarantine License by Plant Quarantine Sub-Department – Plant Protection Department List of Plant Quarantine according to Circular No. 40/2012/TT-BNPPTNT
3 Mineral Samples Mining, Export Licenses, and application letter to customs authority Circular No. 41/2012/TT-BCT on mineral export
4 Wood and product of wood origin License, Fumigation Circular No. 88/2011/TT-BNNPTNT
5 Flora and fauna Check by Plant Quarantine Dept., Veterinary Dept. Circular No. 40/2013/TT-BNNPTNT
6 Cosmetics License Circular No. 06/2011/TT-BYT
7 Liquid, sand, coal powder MSDS, Official Letter sent to Aviation Flight safety regulation of Aviation
8 Books, hard drives Check by Information and Communication Dept.; Dept. of Culture, Sport and Tourism Decree No. 32/2012/ND-CP


Our express service is present throughout Gabon’s territory

Akok Ntoum Lambaréné
Bakoumba Okandja Lastoursville
Batouala Omboué (also known as Fernan Vaz) Leconi
Belinga Owendo Libreville (capital)
Bifoun Oyem Makokou
Bitam Petit Loango Mayumba
Bongoville Point Denis Mbigou
Booué Port-Gentil Médouneu
Cocobeach Santa Clara Mékambo
Ekata Sette Cama Mimongo
Eteke Ste. Marie Minvoul
Fougamou Souba-Haut-Ogooue Mitzic
Franceville Tchibanga Moanda
Gamba Tsogni Momo
Kango Zoula Mouila
Koulamoutou Nkolabona Mounana
Lalara Ndjolé Ndendé

We pick up your goods even from certain districts in Ho Chi Minh

Tan Phu Ward, Ward 1, Ward 5, Phu Nhuan Ward, Ward 12, Ward 6, Ward 2, Thu Duc Ward, Ward 8, Ward 3, Ward 9, Binh Tan Ward, Ward 10
Go Vap Ward, Ward 7, Nha Be Ward, Binh Thanh Ward, Cu Chi Ward, Can Gio Ward, Tan Binh Ward, Hooc Mon Ward, Ward 11, Ward 4, Binh Chanh Ward

Along with excellent express delivery service from Ho Chi Minh City to Gabon, we also offer a wide range of express delivery options

  • Packing, storage of cargoes;
  • Unloading, dunnage, scraping goods (in case of necessity);
  • Control of, test items, goods;
  • Consultancy transport route selection, transport vehicle;
  • Express, Sea Cargo transport;
  • Warehousing services;
  • Customs procedures; procedures at ports, airports, industrial zones; service application for the license.

Why choose Airportcargo for delivery service from Ho Chi Minh to Gabon?

  • Using the best quality of express service from Ho Chi Minh city to Gabon provided by Airportcargo, you will receive many benefits that you may not find in other logistics providers:
  • Guaranteed delivery time;
  • A range of convenience collection and drop off options to save your time and money;
  • Customer private information is completely protected.
  • We can collect and delivery to every province:
  • Inclusive compensation cover: Compensation cover for loss or damage is included in all off our services;
  • Competitive freight rates;
  • High-qualified and considerate staffs;
  • A 24/7 service: Airportcargo is always ready to support our customers 24/7.

When you ship with Airportcargo, you are shipping with an international expert on express services. With a portfolio of express parcels and package services as well as various shipping options to fulfill your needs, we believe that we can satisfy your demands perfectly.

Get in touch to Airportcargo to get instant answer and customer support 24/7.


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